Friday, 19 June 2015

Sustainability - Managing Climate Change

One of the results of the exploding population numbers and over-consumption is that humans have created a lot of stress on the environment.  Use of mainly fossil fuel has resulted in a build up of the green house gas (carbon di-oxide)  which has warmed the earth over the past 200 years.  While manageable so far, the prognosis is not good as human activities continue unabated, in fact the situation is getting worse; and the effects on earth's climate and all that it entails are beginning to drift into a territory that is very worrying.  A lot of emotive language is being used and the Web and social media is full of some bad tempered polemics relating to climate change.
Only yesterday, the Pope, supported by the US president, came out in favour of some real action to mitigate the effects of climate change.  This is usual occurrence and my cynicism tells me that nothing concrete and helpful will be done by the governments of the world in this direction.
Our only hope really is through new technology - this I shall be looking into in my future blogs.  Just now I publish the slides of my second talk on sustainability from September 2012. This deals with the evidence for climate change and some affordable solutions.  Climate change is a subject that I had covered in detail in a previous series of seven lectures. I shall publish these in the next few weeks.
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