Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sustainability: Managing Energy Resources

In this last talk on Sustainability, I look at managing our energy resources.  Energy is the driving force of our civilisation and fossil fuels have provided bulk of the energy used.  This has caused CO2 levels in the atmosphere to rise with many negative implications for our climate.  Introduction of alternative energy sources which do not increase CO2 levels has been slow and disappointing; and despite warning about impending climate change problems the world governments have only really paid lip-service to addressing the problem.  This is partly because of the way our system of government works where various big business can seriously influence policies and funding of research projects – and fossil fuel industry is big.

In this talk I have discussed the current situation (as of 2012) and the way Solar and Wind can help to replace fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is not discussed in detail here as this is a subject of a separate talk that I shall publish in due course.

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